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-Cristy Raposo

"Amazing massage as always! Very professional. John is EXCELLENT! I highly recommend him."


- John S.

"John and Sarah were amazing. It wasn't my first massage but it was my girlfriends first and she loved it. Thanks John and Sarah."

Spa Week

- Anonymous

"John was great! My sister and I went for massages and he made us feel very comfortable. I'd highly recommend him for your next massage!"

"I am very impressed with the online forms and appointment managers John is using in his practice. Very professional. Atmosphere is very relaxing, music and temperatures take away stress and anxiety. Working at a computer all day seems to bind up shoulders, neck and lower back. John took this all away with his talented and experienced techniques.  After he explained the importance of hydration and stretching. He really cares for his clients. Can't wait for my next visit.  I will be treating myself once a month @ Quality Massage."

"I have been a chiropractor for almost 30 years and have had 50-100 different massage therapists work on me over my lifetime. John is in my Top 3 for sure. His hands and technique are top notch. He takes his time and does things right. His top concern is the patient and not the money. He strives to be the best that he can be by continually taking various educational symposiums to hone his technique further. I highly recommend him."

"John is fantastic and clearly knows his massage techniques. The space is relaxing, the scented massage oils are lovely and not too strong, and the massage was top-tier. I'll definitely be returning for massages in the future, and thankful that such a great place exists so close to my apartment!"

"I wish there were stars to give to John.  After one session, I already feel like a new man.  I was getting terrible headaches due to the stress and tightness in my neck and upper back.  John gave a 75 minute massage and worked out all of the knotts in my back. Unlike those "chain"places, he took his time and explained everything that he was doing.  I can actually turn my head without pain.  I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a sports massage or just a relaxation massage.  No matter what you have him do, you can rest assured that you will leave there a new person just like I was."

"I can't say enough good things about John and Quality Massage Now! To begin with, it was very quick and easy to book my appointment; I called in the morning, and I received my massage later that day. John's office/massage room is easy to find, clean, and comfortable.

But on to the most important part: the massage! First of all, John offers a 75 minute massage for $50, which is an incredible price! But do not think that just because you're not breaking the bank you might receive a sub-par massage. Quite the opposite! John knows his stuff, and his passion for his work shows in the quality of his massage. John will make sure that he's properly sorted you out, even if that means the appointment goes a bit over.

It is obvious that John cares more about the integrity of his work than making money or keeping appointments quick. As a result, you will leave the office feeling that every area of your body has been attended to, and relaxed as can be. Just make sure not to fall asleep on the ride home!"

"I have had NUMEROUS massages over many years with different styles. John is passionate about what he does, shares his thoughts, he has tremendous hands that identify areas in need as well as being careful in other areas. I definitely will return for another massage with John. His rates are so fair, you get a thorough experience without feeling rushed, & he actually wanted me to have an extended session at no charge. Even though I needed it, I couldn't stay...John sincerely wanted me to have a head to toe experience - he is remarkable."

"John was great! My sister and I went for massages and he made us feel very comfortable. He was attentive and very knowledgeable. We left feeling super relaxed! I'd highly recommend him for your next massage!"

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